How I Work

At its best, Supervision can be an oasis of contemplation and creativity where you can reconnect with your guiding values, theory, wisdom and strengths and emerge refreshed with new ideas and insights to take back to your work. However, many practitioners have experienced supervision that is not like this. This may be because it has lacked one or more of the following pre-requisites for effective and enjoyable supervision: Safety, Structure and Creativity.

Safety                                                                                                                                                               It is vital to create a supervision space in which supervisees feel safe to share doubts, difficulties and successes in relation to their work. This is achieved through clear contracting; a non-judgemental attitude in which “mistakes” are seen as opportunities for development, and the maintenance of a respectful, collaborative supervisory relationship.

Structure                                                                                                                                                      By providing a structure for each supervision session, the supervisor helps the supervisee identify and focus on what really needs attending to. The reflective space forms the largest part of the session, and this is where exploration of supervision issues can take place in depth. Time is allocated to review the session and what the supervisee may take from the session back to their practice.  I use the Cyclical Model (Page and Wosket) to structure sessions, and the 7-Eyed Model (Hawkins and Shohet) to help identify a focus for the supervision.

Creativity                                                                                                                                                I offer a range of creative supervision tools to help the exploration of hidden processes that may be impacting on the work (for example in the counsellor-client relationship) – these include collage, shell work, imaginative exercises and role play. I also employ visual tools to help explore ethical issues in the client work.

For me Supervision is….

For some  ideas on the many uses of supervision  see the link below:

Metaphors for Supervision

Fees and Location
Individual Supervision: £60 -1hr., £80 -1.5hrs                                                                                       (Group supervision fees available on request)

Sessions are held in my dedicated supervision space in the heart of Roath, Cardiff  (CF24).  I would be happy to discuss your supervision needs with you by phone or in person.

  ( or text me on 07975 832934 to arrange a time to talk.